Online Publications

2018  Wallman, Diane, Guest Editor, with E. Christian Wells, and Isabel Rivera-Collazo. The Environmental Legacies of Colonialism in the Northern Neotropics. Special Issue of Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Human Paleoecology 23(1).

2017 Wallman, Diane. Histories and Trajectories of Socio-Ecological Landscapes in the Lesser Antilles: Implications of Colonial Period Zooarchaeological Research. Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Human Paleoecology. 23(1):13-22.

2017  Wallman, Diane and Sandrine Grouard. Enslaved Laborer and Sharecropper Fishing Practices in 18th-19th Century Martinique: A Zooarchaeological and Ethnohistorical Study. Special issue on Fisheries, Journal of Ethnobiology 37(3): 398–420

2015   Kelly, Kenneth G., and Diane Wallman. Enslaved Laborer Plantation Foodways in the French West Indies, 18th through 19th Century Afriques

2015  Kelly, Kenneth G., Kelly Goldberg, Elhadj Fall, Diane Wallman, Vincent Rousseau. Archaeological Investigations of the 19th c. illegal slave trade on the Rio Pongo, Guinea. Nyame Akuma: Bulletin of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists

2014   Handler, Jerome, and Diane Wallman. Production Activities in the Household Economies of Plantation Slaves: Barbados and Martinique, mid-1600s to mid1800s. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. 18 (3): 441-466


2014  Wallman, Diane. Slave Community Foodways on a French Colonial Plantation: Zooarchaeology at Habitation Crève Cœur, Martinique Bitasion: Lesser Antilles Plantation Archaeology, Ken Kelly and Benoit Bérard, Editors. Leiden, The Netherlands: Sidestone Press Academic.

2011  Wallman, Diane A Preliminary Analysis of Faunal Remains from Habitation Crève Cœur, Martinique. In Proceedings of the XXIII International Congress of Caribbean Archaeology, University of the West Indies, Trinidad.

In Press  Wallman, Diane and Kenneth G Kelly. Daily Production and Consumption Practices of an Enslaved and Post-Emancipation Community on an 18th-19th Century French-Caribbean Plantation. In Out of the Ordinary: Historical Archaeologies on and Beyond Caribbean Plantations. Todd Ahlman, editor. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

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